Welcome to April: When nature demonstrates the cycle of life in abundance!

The clocks have gone forward, giving us lighter evenings which is a great bonus for me in particular as my working  day generally finishes down at the farm where I tuck my little miniature equine into her stable for the night.  Having lighter evenings brings a rush of joy, leaving me feeling happier and more positive even though it’s the same routine as before; more daylight is actually a mood booster!

Being out and about on the farm I am lucky to witness the cycle of life as nature celebrates  with budding hedges, spring flowers and new birth. Ponds are full of frog spawn; birds nip around searching for bits of bark and branch to build their nests; lambs spring with delight, and our sleepy little friend, the hedgehog, wakens from its long winter slumber, to forage nocturnally for another year.  Swallows start arriving in April, prompting the saying, ‘One swallow does not a summer make’ !  single swallow

These marvels of nature manage to navigate from Africa to the same nesting place every year! Amazing! Having built their nests from mud and tiny twigs, they flit and fly about in search of flies and insects to feed themselves and their young, spending most of their time in the air.  A nest appears in the eves of the stables every year and before long the wide open mouths of hatchlings can be seen with the parents skimming through the air, landing to feed their hungry family! swallows feeding their young

Soon the celebration of Spring, Easter, will bring great happiness to young and old as we exchange chocolate eggs, brought by the Easter Bunny!  Rooted in pagan times, this colourful festival ends the dark season of winter and welcomes nature’s regeneration.  Easter Sunday is still calculated by the lunar calendar: the first Sunday after the full moon following the Spring Equinox.  Grass is becoming greener and richer, trees and hedges are beginning to bud, and the eco systems from flowers to insects to woodland animals work in harmony.

How many of us have kept our Lenten promises?  I have!  I have successfully given up  sprouts and cabbage.   Next year I think I’ll give up tripe and onion!

Happy Easter!!!

This month I shall be examining the history of sugar and looking at how it affects our metabolic equilibrium, making us overweight and moody.

I will be road testing mascaras for the over 50s to seek out one that is non clumping and lasting without causing sensitive eyes.

The power of positive thought will be discussed: Can we, Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative in every situation?  Or is this just magical thinking?

Keep a watch out as these articles appear over the month of April.  Please write in with your comments, thoughts, experiences and opinions.  Your voice matters!

Please send in your photos too

Have a wonderful April!