Such a silly woman………..

Such a silly woman.  She has a problem at work. In tears that particular day. She anguished what to do. She felt empty when she arrived back at the house.  Unsure of how much to share – it’s only ammunition.  It’ll be shot back to wound her. Heavy words, carefully thrown.  She held back : didn’t tell.

He knew something was up. He could smell trouble.  But he wouldn’t ask outright. Not his style.  So he waited and did not speak a word to her for hours until late.  ‘Tell me’ he says. She is fearful – any weakness he will pounce on and use against her. ‘I can’t trust you not to fire it back at me’ she says, truthfully.

‘F##k off’ she hears

She weeps silently.

Eventually she tells him. She is authentic and truthful. She has no one else to turn to.   Bad. Such a bad mistake. He is not there for her emotionally. She is his prey. Not his confidant.   Questions, Not about how she is and how she is coping.  ‘Who’s this? What does this one do? You should do this. You should tell that one to eff off!’

She’s made a mistake.  There is no sympathy. No empathy. Nothing except one upmanship. Same for 14 years.

His parting shot?

‘You’re a b##ch!  I’ll get #####’ (his eldest daughter)’…. up here. She’ll sort you out!’

What’s that about?