What a beautiful day!

Yesterday the weather was windy with a capital W!……Wet with two capital WWs…….and werywerywery cold!! ( I couldn’t think of a word beginning with W to describe weather!!…..oops just remembered wintery!)  The Scottish countryside was grey flat damp and wet…So wet the birds had umbrellas! (only joking….)   However, there is always a silver lining .. and yesterday’s came in the form of a large soft chewy in the middle with lots of fresh cream…..meringue!! (oh! the waistline)  By the time I ambled (wobbled…) down to the farm to settle little equine into her strawy stable the wind was shrieking, blowing me along the path, sending me almost careering into a bale of hay!  The horses seemed alarmed by its intensity, cantering about their fields heads up and down like see saws….even my little beauty who, putting her head firmly between her front hooves, gave a big buck before galloping up her field away from me, leaving me to search for her favourite mints to entice her to me.  My strategy worked and as soon as she was settled snugly into her little stable happily munching at her supper I was off home to sit in front of a lovely warm fire listening to the hooley outside.

Unlike this morning which was beautiful!  The sun sparkled on the dewy fields of barley outside bringing promise of a warm sunny day which was enjoyed in its entirety by canines, equines, dear family members and myself!  Happy days!   It is possible to look for the good and negate the not so good.  All a matter of focus my dears……… remind me of these prophetic words when I am immersed in sorrow next time ………..