Sticks and stones……….

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself  a diva….(though some may question that statement!)…..Last night on my return from work I collapsed onto my bed and had to (yes,simply had to!) rest to relieve the tension headache causing blurred vision and an overwhelming feeling of the ‘vapours’.   The reason ? ……Ahhh well, here we come to the point…..’Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me’.    In my humble opinion that statement is misleading, inaccurate and wrong on many levels.  Let me reassure you – the words were not maliciously meant (?) : perhaps I misinterpreted them, thrown as they were in my leisure time by a nameless one (…..) but I received them as blows, hitting low and hard, impregnating themselves into my psyche, wounding and incapacitating my usual vibrant energy: causing pain.  Emotional pain.  I know. I can hear you, entreating me to, ‘grow a pair’  to : hand the offender a coin and entreat them to ‘…give it to someone who cares’   Yes!  You are completely correct and right!  But it’s a discipline. Like emotional armour: ready and prepared to parry the verbal blow before it reaches and hurts. May be next time my dearest ones……….. meantime…….

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis is me since yesterday………………..(typical Glaswegian saying)

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Groundhog Day

Have you celebrated Groundhog day?  Here in Britain we don’t have any groundhogs to watch for but if we did we might emulate our American cousins in celebrating this magical day that rests on the dear old groundhog.  This is what it’s all about: If a groundhog emerges from its burrow today 2nd February everyone’s eyes are on the weather.  If it’s cloudy , then yippee!! Spring is coming soon: however if it’s sunny when said groundhog appears then according to legend it will see it’s shadow and run back into its burrow bringing 6 more weeks of winter !!!  So there you go!

Closer to home I noticed whilst returning from a day’s toil that there’s what looks like a full moon tonight: It’s always a little bit of fun to try to make out the features of the ‘Man in the moon’  and to enjoy the moonlight rays illuminating dark and dusky shadows!  I’ll be checking my window locks tonight and sleeping with a garlic bulb under my pillow in case a marauding werewolf (you know who I mean! lol!)  tries to enter my boudoir whilst I am gently sleeping!!………….. haha!

Here is a homage to sister moon prior to supper and canine cuddles!  Bottoms up!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES