January – a time of new focus!

Hello!!!!! Here we are! January 2016!!! OMG!! Where did last year go?

Ok. Enough of the drama. And I mean sincerely, ENOUGH of the drama.  January is an opportunity to reflect on the past year and set some goals, targets, bucket lists or, refocus for the year ahead.

For myself, last year passed in a whiz – a whizzing whiz that found me caught up in recurrent dramas : so much so that I virtually lurched from drama to drama until  all who listened to my retelling my dramas kind of zoned out whenever I approached, eagerly waiting to recount my latest …… drama.

So in the spirit of the New Year and before Burns Night I will recount my list of 2015 dramas then I’ll let them go, never to be ruminated on again: gone from memory except for the physical scars that remain etched into my skin as memories of dramatic 2015. And not one day was taken from full time work as sick time. Here we go –

  • Slip onto icy boulder whilst posing for a photo call when out walking with chums up beside Pitlochry way = Right knee swollen and bruised for a week.
  • Tripped over large plank whilst cleaning out duck house which resulted in a catapult type exit from said small enclosure to land unceremoniously flat on my face in the mud = banged both knees – bruised and swollen and skinned for a couple of weeks.
  • Caught wellington’d feet in  a stray hay net whilst in the hay barn. Result – badly bruised and swollen knees and bruised hands and hips.
  • Caught wellington’d feet on rubber hose at farm – don’t even go there! – to land face first in mud and gravel – result…..yes…..grazed bruised bleeding and swollen knees!
  • Tripped on paving and twisted foot – result – broken bone in foot with swelling and bruising for many weeks!
  • Fell fast asleep in the bath for two hours and gave myself sciatica which manifested as a really sore bottom for many weeks
  • Bowel abscess formation OUCH!!!! Avoid Flagyl it’s awful !!!!!
  • Whilst Xmas shopping in Dundee with Himself, a sudden gust of wind lifted a metal market stall and knocked me senseless, pinning me underneath.  Result – large sore bump in temple region. Despite being advised to take me to hospital for a check up Himself  kindly checked my pupil size intermittently for the next four hours shopping following said accident and gave me hot warming tomato and basil soup.
  • Whilst lifting a VERY HEAVY (15 Kilos) bag of salt for de icing at the farm, I quickly found that I was unable to carry it – not to be outdone I swung it onto my hip result = bruised ribs SOOOOOOOOOO sore!

There it is my friends and loved ones: my bucket list of dramas that are bound for planet Forgotten.  And for this new year, a promise to care for the body that has been commissioned by fate to carry me around my world.  Let’s face it: we need to be healthy.

Good health and good cheer my lovelies!

Let’s all raise a glass and spread a rainbow of good intentions and positivity as we stride out in 2016!! xxxxxx

Next month I’ll take you to the farm in – where the circle of life is very much happening and we’ve welcomed a beautiful midi Shetland to keep little equine mini Shetland company.